Checking In

Many of our customers use their storage unit for a variety of reasons. Some use it as over-flow, others as seasonal storage while for some it is just interim space during a move or transition. While our facility has 24 hour surveillance and different security measures to ensure your items stay safe, it’s always a good idea to check on the items in your unit.

For example, the type of items stored will sometimes have a significant bearing on how often you visit your storage unit. Wine, food products and other perishables should be checked more frequently depending upon how well they are prepared and packed for long-term storage. In fact, many businesses today use storage spaces as an overflow inventory space. In many cases perishable food is stored by restaurants and other food related businesses. In other cases nonfood items that are also perishable such as batteries and certain types of liquid products should also be checked more frequently than other nonperishable items.

An Excellent Storage Climate for a Wide Range of Items

Another important factor to consider when deciding on how often to visit your storage unit is whether the unit is climate controlled or not. Obviously, climate controlled units will provide a much more stable environment for a wide range of products and personal items. Those who choose to use storage units that are not climate controlled many find that more frequent visits are necessary. However, depending on the region’s climate and location some storage spaces that are not climate controlled can offer similar quality to climate controlled units. For example our climate in the winter provides an excellent storage climate for a wide range of items. Conversely, hot humid climates can be damaging to a variety of items including documents and papers. Ultimately, you will know which storage solution is best for their specific needs.