Cooler Temps call for Climate Control

As we head into October and temperatures begin to fall, it’s important to take into consideration what you will be storing and if these items will require climate control. Not everything requires temperature controlled storage, but electronics and appliances are some of those items. Here are some tips on storing them.


Self storage provides the right solution to store useful appliances in good working condition securely. You may have no need for these appliances like microwaves, fridges, washer, dryers, for whatever reason right now but they can be stored for long with good packing practices.

Storage tips: All appliances must be washed and cleaned before they are stored to prevent dust build-up and to avoid rot, rust, or pests when in storage. Appliances should be stored upright against the wall of the storage unit with the doors slightly open to allow air to pass through to keep away musty smells. All disconnected hose ends of the washer should be secured with plastic bags. Wrap up appliance cords, and place all loose attachments inside of the appliances. Wrap fragile parts such as glass panels to protect them from damage. Boxes can be stacked on top of stoves or the refrigerators. You can place any breathable cover to protect your appliances.


Whether you are moving or trying to make more room in your home, you may not want to part with valuable and perfectly good electronics that you own just yet. People often use self storage units to house their electronics, such as computers, televisions, printers, scanner machines and more, in temporarily or even for long term.

Storage tips: Electronics have to be properly stored so that they remain in good condition when you are ready to use them again. Repack all your electronics items in their original boxes along with all their paraphernalia and accessories. You can read up the owner’s manual for instructions on moving items. Take your time sorting and wrapping individual parts and accessories of your electronics, so that they do not get mixed up. You may have a hard time telling them apart later on! Never use polystyrene peanuts in packing any computer devices to avoid damage. In each box, Stuff empty spaces in your boxes to ensure that the boxes are sturdy